Glorious German Escort Mandy

Guten Tagen! Welcome to my delectable website where you can find all the info you need on one of the hottest, kinkiest, classiest and downright sassiest German escorts around.  My reviews speak for themselves and I hope you’ll read them before calling me, but to get right to the point: I offer a transcendentally decadent experience. Think of companionship that most can only dream of – a woman by your side that is understanding and caring with a view towards your needs and a natural pleasure for satisfying everyone of them. My upbringing was rigid and ultra-orthadox – I wasn’t even allowed to by a bra until I left home – after enduring such a restrictive youth, I’m catching up on all the fun I missed with abandon. Allow me to join you as we both explore the limits of pleasure and the heights of ecstasy.

Discrete Professional & Genuine

You don’t get to where I am in this business by making promises you can’t keep. The kind of clients and gentlemen I prefer to confer with are professional, ambitious and hard working. They demand a certain level of forthrightness and probity in their work and expect nothing less in their fun. That is why I not only display photos of me that were taken at most six months ago, I also use a minimum of photoshoping in my pictures. We all know how powerful image editing software is these days, it can be used to make a blanket look like a supermodel, but I don’t want that because it is, at the core, a mild form of dishonesty. I’ve used many photographers over the years and have found my favourite to be Escorts Exposures. The studio space is huge for being in the middle of the city, I can’t imagine what the rent must be, but more importantly the master photographer there is truly an artisté, he creates images that convey my personality and sense of fun without airbrushing me into oblivion.

International Adventures

My home base is in the wonderfully wicked town of Hamburg. However, I absolutely adore traveling and have become one of the most sought after travel companions around. I have a flat in London that can be used for steamy encounters on a moments notice as well as relations in all of Europe’s great cities. If you would like to meet somewhere simple shoot me an email and I’m positive we can make it happen. The plans I have for the summer of 2014 include visiting Montreal, the outback of Australia (crocodile Dundee needs some lovin’ too) and the big apple in Argentina to watch the world cup with my best south American friends.